Welcome to my website ..... I am Arijit, an ambitious and dedicated photographer having a thorough knowledge about the world of fashion. All these years the experience I have gathered in this field enabled me to learn the creative and technical insights of the profession. During my journey as a fashion photographer I have explored new concepts and techniques and fortunately made a lot of friends in the industry.


Fashion photography is a unique genre of photography. What makes it different from others is that fashion photography is more than a just a photograph, when done succesfully it embodies the whole fashion atmosphere of the moment and portraits the mood of the time in its unique way. Good fashion photography is more like a short film, it needs an atmosphere and a dream, a concept that evolves around originality and good co-ordination between a whole team of creative people.


I believe some of my strongest points are DIRECTION, KNOWLEDGE & NETWORKING.


A great photo shoot require a confident director on the shooting floor who is capable of co ordinating a creative team of any size.


A great photo shoot require a confident designer with thorough knowledge of the equipments used on the floor as well as is capable of using image manipulation and image management softwares.


A great photo shoot requires a man who is known to the industry and can arrange the right kind of people required for a creative result and not just hobby photography.


Please visit my gallery to get a glimpse of my world. Keep in touch for more updates and insights of the industry. Happy browsing ..